Comment: Investing in the foreign exchange market is really a tough undertaking. Figuring out where price will move next appears easy but eludes most traders. The reason behind that is they will frequently fail to take into account all the details which can be found. Purely studying indicators as well as forex charts only gives a small fraction of the picture. To obtain an advantage on the market details are important and knowing where to locate it is actually essential. We try to bring you the most vital articles to help you make better trading choices.  This post,   Weekly Forex Forecast (October 9 – 13, 2017)  will give you the most recent information regarding where the experts feel price may go supplying you with the opportunity to become more profitable in your forex trades

[unable to retrieve full-text content]The EURUSD lost ground for the second week in a row. This was the likely scenario given the September 25th close below long-term channel support near 1.1900. Another probability that we discussed last week was that the 1.1670 area would attract bids if tested.
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