Comment: For anyone that may be trading forex, seeking to foresee exactly where exchange rates are heading in future with conviction would be the holy grail. The fact is all of the evidence worldwide cannot give you any kind of warranty that price will go in the way they indicate. The simple truth is, that whenever trading forex, we are dealing with possibilities. The best way to locate the most success is to gain as much specialized and fundamental data together to generate your final decision. Obviously knowing what professionals senses as here in US Dollar To Pound, Euro Exchange Rates (USD/EUR, USD/GBP) Push Higher Into Easter Bank Holiday Weekend  could also lend substance to the reasons for a position you take and so we are continually looking  at the ideas of specialist traders from brokers right through to live trading room.

The Dollar faces a number of challenges, and the combination of these challenges have created a somewhat complicated explanation for why most large institutions believe that the greenback is headed lower over the coming months. Citibank’s Forex forecast …
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