Comment: Investing in the foreign exchange market is a tough undertaking. Being aware of exactly where exchange rate may go in future looks very simple however escapes virtually all traders. The reason for this is they will often don’t keep in mind all the information that is available. Simply researching indicators and forex charts merely presents a small fraction of the situatiom. To get an advantage on the market data is important and knowing how to find it is actually key. We try to give everyone the most vital reports to help you make better investing selections.  This informative article,   EUR/USD Finds Support at the Former Resistance Level  will give you the most recent information about exactly where professionals think exchange rate should go giving you an opportunity to be a little more profitable in your trading

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Unsure of the longer term direction of EUR and USD? Grab these quarterly forecasts. Are you new to trading the FX market? This guide was created just for you.
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