Comment: Investing in the forex market is a difficult undertaking. Being aware of where exchange rate will go in future appears to be easy however escapes most people. The reason for that is that they generally do not take into account all the details which can be found. Just studying signals as well as charts just provides a small fraction of the picture. To obtain an edge on the forex market data is king and understanding where to locate it is actually key. We try to bring you the most vital content to help you make better investing choices.  This post,   Elliott wave Analysis: German BUND Looking Bullish  will give you the most up-to-date details about where professionals think exchange rate should go supplying you with a chance to be a little more profitable in your live forex trading.

Bund is trading higher for the last two months which gives us an idea that maybe corrective wave (IV) of a higher degree is already completed. On that note, we also see the current recovery in five waves, which usually suggests a change in trend in minimum bigger three-waves. Specifically, red wave (5) is in the making, which can see resistance and a top around the upper channel line and near the Fibonacci ratio of 2.618 and later push the price into a temporary pullback.

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