Comment: Investing in the foreign exchange market is a difficult business. Understanding where exchange rate may go next appears to be easy however escapes virtually all people. The main reason for that is that they often do not take into account all the information that can be found. Purely researching indicators and graphs only gives half the situatiom. To obtain an advantage on the forex market details are important and figuring out where to locate it is actually essential. We look to give you the most vital content articles to help you make smarter investing decisions.  This short article,   Elliott wave Analysis: EURUSD Bearish Look  will give you the most recent information regarding where professionals sense exchange rate should go giving you a chance to become more profitable with your trading

EURUSD is moving slightly to the upside but rise so far is slow and in three legs back at 1.2230-1.2260 area so it can be wave 4 that may stop at former 1.2251 swing low that can turn into a resistance. Euro would switch to bullish mode only on a break above 1.2340.


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